Tuesday, April 20, 2010

its been a while

I am restless
i wanna kick some one

i wanna scream
i am restless

i want to let go
and just jump and shout
gone shopping

it doesn't take off
the pressure like
when i was younger

i want to
i am not sure what
i am impatient

lord teach me patience
teach me humility
i want to be different

its not that i don't like me
but so much of me is locked
up tight

i wanna be free to be me


i am not sure what i want

i want to really
to live life

to be happy
i am under
a certain pressure

i am going thru stuff
i don't understand
i need answers

i need God

he's always stepped in before
when i was in
uncharted waters

am i being too
is there no room for him?

I love you Lord
tell me what i need to know

i feel pressure everyday
part of me understands
but i love to see
things clearly...

i am searching
for knowledge
i guess
i must grow