Tuesday, April 20, 2010

its been a while

I am restless
i wanna kick some one

i wanna scream
i am restless

i want to let go
and just jump and shout
gone shopping

it doesn't take off
the pressure like
when i was younger

i want to
i am not sure what
i am impatient

lord teach me patience
teach me humility
i want to be different

its not that i don't like me
but so much of me is locked
up tight

i wanna be free to be me


i am not sure what i want

i want to really
to live life

to be happy
i am under
a certain pressure

i am going thru stuff
i don't understand
i need answers

i need God

he's always stepped in before
when i was in
uncharted waters

am i being too
is there no room for him?

I love you Lord
tell me what i need to know

i feel pressure everyday
part of me understands
but i love to see
things clearly...

i am searching
for knowledge
i guess
i must grow



Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

I'm sooooo feeling you!
My advice is to stop tryin to figure it all out and let him take full control..."Be still and know that HE IS GOD"

Wish u all the best!

Myne Whitman said...

SO real, I love this. Keep on keeping on as they say. I gbadun your talent.

2cute4u said...

This is so real!I truly like..

Tisha said...

you know. He is God and many times i just want to take the wheel like i know where i am headed.

Thanks. I don't always get the chance to be me. When do i stop doing and saying what is expected?

yeah, i was at my wits end and so i wrote

Tisha said...

its me tisha
and latisha

"bite me"

latishababy said...


These words set me free!