Friday, October 29, 2010

My idea of God's mind for the church

I believe that this can be even with all the imperfections. I believe that God is building His church. Peace i gotta go!


Principles and emphasis:

Leadership And Corporate

We corporately seek the leadership of God earnestly for our church. We are careful to hear what He says to us. And we are meticulous in implementing them.

We don't believe in the one-man leadership, but rather the one-God leadership. We corporately seek the divine will for our church. We listen to one another to hear and ascertain what God is saying to us.

We believe in the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and giving-in to Him to move freely in His sovereignty.

We are church, more than a legalized organization.

Love And Care

People are real people in the real sense. They are not instruments for agendas. They are not vehicles to carry-out purposes. People are to be loved and cared for. We see people. We don't see set-ups.

We are people church, more than a set-up.

Spirit And Presence

We are a people who value the presence of the Holy Spirit. To us, without the presence of the Holy Spirit, it is just being empty. We don't want to play church.

We want to be sensitive to the move of the Lord, and to what He wants to bring to the church.

We are divine church, more than a club.

People And Gifting

The church is shaped by the people that God sent to us.

We are not shaped by pre-conceived structures. We are not program-driven, but people-driven.

We also cultivate the gifting in people's lives, and try to facilitate their ministries and provide room for them. We are not threatened by people who are more gifted than us. We seek to nurture the gifting in people, and support the expression of their gifting. We pray for synergy and teamwork.

We want to be opened to other outside ministries to provide a complete and balance ministry for everyone. We are open to networking to receive ministry, preaching, teaching, training, financing and manpower, from the larger body of Christ, subject to the will of God and in accordance to the biblical pattern.

We would also like to play a part in the larger context of the body of Christ. We are open to the idea of having gifted people who does not fit-in among us. We encourage and help them to fit-in within the larger body of Christ. We would also actively contribute in whatever way we can into the body of Christ as the Spirit leads us.

We are living church, more than a dead structure.

Anointing And Revelation

We value the anointing of God and His revelations. We seek to grow in the anointing of power and the revelation of the truth - more than the acquisition of human skills or the accumulation of academic knowledge.

We are spiritual church, more than a human institution.

Bible And Accuracy

We are depended on the Bible for the basis of all practices in our church.

We seek in our utmost ability to study, compare and check if our beliefs are accurately adhering to the truths of the Bible. We would comply in detail to what the Bible says about each matter, and not brush-off anything for the sake of expediency.

We are scripture church, more than a culture.

Revival And Evangelism

We believe in the evangelism that is spearheaded, supported and pushed - by a continuous move and atmosphere of spiritual revival.

However, without having the force of spiritual revival, we would still evangelize because we are obeying the Lord's command.

Our ideal is to have both revival and evangelism.

We are soul-winning church, more than a conference or symposium.

(The above is not copyrighted. It is `freely receive, freely give'.)

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