Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You could mistake this for hating...

"Give sorrow word, the grief that does not speak"

(wrote this a week ago but guess what? i still love, i will not be overcome by evil, instead i will overcome evil with good)

If you do, that's your problem. I have searched my heart and i know no biff!
What i biff?
Biff is hatred, grievance, side-talk, gossiping, hacking, slander. it is the ugly looks, sneering and harsh talk given to me by the religious people in my environment (they call themselves xtians, folks call them xtians too, i refuse to be their judge and call them non-xtians but their actions betray them and their actions judge them. i ask myself, would jesus do this?).

Afterall, what is faith? faith is the response of the human spirit to the word of God.
cos i study faith, i apply it to everything 'they asked me to be happy for her and rejoice for her'

I can be honest about what i would do. i will not hate on her. 'owe no man nothing but love'. (she's already hating on me and no longer speaking with me cos she's insecure). That, i can handle, its not the 1st, 2nd 0r even the 3rd time, whatever meen!

I will not stand in her way, neither will i be less than me for anyone's sake. she has better work hard enough so the xtian engineering can work. i will wait on God, take the insults and pray for them and watch the self-righteous heads nod in approval.
i don't need or want 'their' approval, i can live without it because they will not be at the gate of heaven waiting to let me in. thank God he is judge and walks after the counsel of His will.

When Max Lucado said, 'Religion is ugly', i did not quite get it. seems the light bulb is on though...

(watch out for part 2, i was writing a storm when i travelled so i'll be back)