Saturday, February 6, 2010

she thinks she's won

This silly chic thinks she can cosy up to me and become friends, me i no gree o. I mean you can't bad mouth me and do all the evil things you think possible and dedicate a whole devotion time to telling me that only me is going to suffer and that i am goign to hell and all of a sudden, you are using every opportunity to touch me (girl are you gay?). If you don't back off, i will holler rape or something alarming sha.

A drastic change like that is definitely not real and not cool at all. i don't hate you but please don't be hypocritical enough to pretend to be my friend. she think say i go die for dec, she shock when she see me, i mean she literally was in shock and i was hurt first two weeks of jan, till i kon dey chant 1 cor 13 all through last two weeks of dec and 1st 2 weeks of jan b4 i kon see road. when many people hate you at once and pretend, its difficult to deal with but with the word of God, anything is possible.

I love em but how many weekends or slumber parties did you think david had with saul after saul tried to kill him, you can't let your guard down and i am not planning to. The man wey we dey fight for, na wa o. i no wan fight but the gal no gree me o, its like her only chance to get married.

for where we dey pray, they dey dodge the word of God steadily make they fit do wetin they want. they go talk faith, talk doubt, talk faith again, talk doubt again, they tire me. me i just dey meditate and dey careful wetin i hear and wetin i how i dey hear. i dey like statue, i don believe God and i no dey change my mind again. God's anointing is so refreshing when you consider the world and its pressures.

well, i am getting visions again but will not be writing about them. i am only praying for the body of Christ to be strengthened and the ones working for the enemy to be washed away in the shaking or repent. My strength is in patience, kindness and understanding.
Testimony time will soon be here because i have heaven's backing and my r/ship with the h.g is tighter.

Holy spirit for vex for me if he be man, i am always asking 'are you speaking?' and 'please speak to me, have i offended you?'. I sound clingy abi, but with the h.g i don't care o, i will be as clingy as i choose cos he is my direction.


Rene said...

I didn't really getit all buh I'm guess u're to keep ur friends close and ur enemies closer

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

I'm feelin u wit ur relationship with God...that's the most important thing jare...friends will come and go

Myne Whitman said...

I guess I'm with blessing on this one.

latishababy said...

and i don't play those games
so enemies stay far away
if its a hi you want
you'll get it

she was never my mind sef
only a colleague

hi, okay