Monday, May 24, 2010

If i were desperate...

Some stupid idiot is prob spreading gist that he asked me out (i suspect 'd' is behind it all) they are all stupid and crazy to assume that i would settle for anything.

If i can't get who i want then i can wait for who God is sending...

(On sat after a dept meet, i saw some guy with another gal in his car heading in my direction and so i got in and he dropped me at my BFF's house, i told her about him and all the questions he was asking and she told me that that was how he was that she lived in her house in cali with her brothers and her and that he was shady and 'ish' my mind wasn't even there, now tongues are wagging again. I can't even let the guy stay in my cell, i'll talk to l and tell him to take him off my hands, i don't need stress and i need my bff's support cos she won't come to the cell if he's there. she told me 'd' must know the kind of guy he was and that now she knew 'd' wasn't born again for endangering the rest of us. I told her to take it easy and she said she knew what she was talking about. another busy day in my life defending myself again, i am fed up of this ish... they are all pushing guys at me like i said i couldn't live without a man and i am 'burning' and ish, all of them are getting on ma nerves)

My BFF hates him and i have heard his gist (totally) the one i have not heard only makes me sure that they are totally stupid, my sis would say c'est stupid.

In case they don't know me, below describes me just fine. I don't agree with all church traditions. even if m bff did like him, they must have for gotten i got raped, i would rather stay alone than hook up with any stupid fool, i am pissed.

The One that Waits... (i am very patient and then again...)

I am dominant in relationships. I always want the last word. Caring. Smart. I could be loud sometimes. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Easy to please. A pushover. I think i know everything and usually do. I am respectful to others but you will quickly lose my respect if you do something untrustworthy towards me and never regain that respect. I forgive easily though it costs me.

(If you see me, you won't believe that the above describes me, i know who i am and what i want and i can't be manipulated by anyone. My college pastor trained me just fine and i am so glad i met him when i did, he is a shepherd, if you remember i said i was pastors' pet in ma other blog)

I am careful, cautious and organized. I can be critical and stubborn about what i believe. You could mistake me for being quiet but i am able to speak well. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. I am diligent at work. Very confident. Sensitive. Excellent memory.

(It shows up in my work and when my colleagues lie which is often, i have been telling a lot of white lies recently...)

I am clever and knowledgeable. I Love to look for information in books or on the internet. Able to motivate oneself. Understanding. Fun to be around. conservative, loves leisure and traveling. Hardly shows emotions but i can be emotional about the things that matter. Tends to bottle up feelings. Very choosy (extremely) especially in relationships. really logical in thinking, always thinks things through.

(I am blessed to have met p. mo, he taught us all in our fellowship how to recognize false prophets that if a guy came to you and said he heard from God that God said you were his wife, we were to respectfully tell him we were waiting to hear from God as he had nt yet spoken to us, that God must tell both parties or else it was manipulation)

My colleagues of last week who were so mean like they were beating a puppy to death are now telling lies that i am seeing a guy with no job, no money, he does not respect spiritual things, maybe they are talking about someone else who wasn't trained by pastor mo but they are not talking about me because i know who i am

I don't even do younger guys, maybe they don't understand principles. what has he got that would make me change my principles?
my colleagues are a big joke and i hope they know i think so poorly of them...
greedy binches and silly greedy niggas


Myne Whitman said...

Hey babe, abeg don't allow them to get under your skin like this jare. But I like that you know yourself and what you can or cannot live with. No matter your background, your strength shines through. All the best dear.

Tisha said...

thanks myne.

PS by the way i checked the two newest episodes of cupidsrisks they are great, they made me laugh...

latishababy said...

yeah i am glad
I know who i am

the beloved of the lord

There were days i cried
when i heard the Lord say

'I love you with an everlasting love'

Now i am glad He never stopped telling me
even when i didn't believe what i heard.