Thursday, September 2, 2010

I love you Holy Spirit...

I love you Holy Ghost
Even when i can't see
You know tommorrow
You guide my steps
You lead me
You whisper in my hears
You are my courage and confidence

You are my rock
My strong tower
My preserver
My hero

You are the one who speaks for me at the gates
You are my kinsman redeemer
My first husband
I am the apple of your eye
It may not sound special to you
Till you consider God and an apple
Nothing in common

Thank God for your love
I still thank God you found me that day
Human words could not be enough

I thank God i have you as my comforter
but most especially counselor
I can't move if you are not there
If you have not said anything
I trust You
I trust Your Love
Your son was the price
I find myself in you
In Christ

Salvation is a journey
Only the presence of God keeps me moving...

Thank you Jesus

1 comment:

Tisha said...

I love you Holy Spirit
You are fab!