Monday, July 13, 2009


1. I'm hard outside, soft inside.

2. I think I'm an introvert. to some of my friends, I'm not.

3. The first book i read was ... (i can't remember) its been a while, i was a walking library. i have been hooked since then when i was little and i used to finish my English text book on the day it was given to us in sch. I also used to finish my exams while the teacher was still dictating no.6 to the rest of the class so i had this superior attitude like "i am so smart". it was boring because they were so behind me. (i went to college after 4 years of primary sch)

4. I've had many friendships but and each of them is special to me but i am not good at keeping in touch. My pal boom boom was closest to me. we were college pals. we rarely see these days but i've got my memories and for now, its enough.

5. i had my first boyfriend when i was 23 during NYSC but i started being asked out when i was seventeen, but would not allow myself to get hooked. a stupid thing i did, one guy who was asking me out once, brought his father to school to see me and i wouldn't go because i did not want to have to marry him. (till this day, i don't know if he was hurt, we never spoke freely again) (mixed feelings, he was a good friend but i did not want to rush into a r/ship and not be able to come out)

6. my brother, j.j and i used to have 'a battle of the remote' thing. whoever won had control until, the other somehow got it in his/ her possession.

7. i was a really shy teenager (u wan try). i still am in many ways than one but i rarely let it show.

8. i accepted that i was a good girl for the first time this year (i just can't let go and do the stuff other folks do and i don't know why). by the way, being a good girl doesn't mean you don't play, go out or have fun, or even that you aren't sharp (i am not sharp, i am smart). it just means that you make good choices.this isn't to say that i haven't made my share of bad choices or mistakes. i have.

9. I am a Christian all the way and i am proud of it. (being a Christian i mean) . i love Jesus. i believe in him and he is the center of my existence.

10. I absolutely hate that stupid big treat burger, it tastes awful to me, i love fried chicken and chips, dodo and beans.

11. I also cannot cook for myself alone (after cooking i will not eat, I'll nap), it has to be for someone else. I'm always wondering how people say, ' I'm hungry, eh. what will i cook?' it amazes me. I'm hungry, i eat whatever is available right now.

12. I knew when i was in year 3 (after my course adviser left a bad taste in my mouth by spoiling my yr 2 results, i had to change course and change back and in Nigeria, its almost impossible purposely)that i would probably never practice the stupid course i used to love. I accepted that there was something i loved far dearly than i loved the silly course and that i wouldn't settle for less. that decision brought me peace.

13. for a number of things, i am like a tornado (unstoppable)'. i try all possible options and i give up only when i am convinced that it is not going through. i don't give up easily.

14. i worry for approximately 48 hours. once i think on it, sleep over it, talk about it, its over o. no matter what i said about it the day before, once i've really thought about it and made a decision, its settled o. no matter if my decision is a total 180 degrees from my musings the day before.

15. I'm into family and friendships, that sort of thing. this thing i hold true, that the greatest of gifts is sometimes found in the simplicity of a good friend. i also believe that your family members can be your friends as well.

16. I'm a day person. i'd work myself to the bone between 8am and 12midnight. for at 12, except in times of distress or i'm just having fun watching movies, i must sleep.

17. I've been in different places at different times and i'm a bit taken aback that i just started seeing some things clearly now. i am Latisha and i totally love myself. I'm a mix of sorts. I'm chilled but i can also be very driven. i always have these ideas that i need to work out slowly. I'm comfortable with myself and the fact that i am here right now in this century, at the age that i am now, with the wealth of experiences and the greatest God that i have, i am so happy and looking forward to life generally and totally enthusiastic, i also know that i am a blessing to everyone around me.

18. i talk about doing stuff, get people involved but i have no idea how to work it out. Then, i go on my knees and say, God, i've got such a big mouth. how do i sort this out? and it works out in amazing ways.

19.i don't know how not to take responsibility for stuff i do. when i totally mess up, i'm like, "God i need you right now". then, i say i'm sorry and try to work it out.

20. i never storm off in anger. i say what's bothering me, what i have a problem with and i wait for the heavens to fall. i stay there till we trash things out. the only time i run is when i realize that the poo poo has hit the fan, lol

21. i forget a lot of stuff. i can give out stuff and forget about it and i can eat with a cutlery and a takeaway pack and throw the baby and the bath water away. i can forget where i keep things and i am forever asking questions about everything and if you don't know me, you will just keep geting mad at everything.

22. i think aloud. talking helps me think things through, i do it and i dn't care if people think this gal is crazy as long as i can fix whatever it is i am talking about.

23. I'm in a good place right now. i have said enough is enough to, ''when will i get married, have kids, etc''. right now, i don't care. i have accepted that i am single, not terminally ill and that i can be happy. so, i choose happiness.i am so letting things happen in their own time. the things in my control, are mine to work out but the things outside my control are God's to handle. in the meantime, I'll be living la vida loca (this is perfect, this chic is so me, i dobbed it from FB and adapted it for moi).

24. my basic makeup is white powder, gloss, eyeliner and eye shadow and mascara. because, these, i can do on the run (and i break out if i use marykay, i am so not a Marykay chic). I'm sorry to disappoint so many people. the thing is, the doing for others brings me joy. For myself, i'm like, ''ooh, i'll be late''.

25. i forget offenses easily. Once i say, it hurt when so and so happened. no worries. its over. I let things go easily.


rayo said...

6, 22, 24 r me without the white powder. 20, i rili wish 4.
tnx 4 comn by myn dear!

Buttercup said...

Aww I like you Ahh..DODO! I've found a kindred spirit..hehe!

SHE said...

Nice meeting you lady.

LOL @ 5.
11 describes me!

Anonymous said...

i commented on the wrong

first time here.... went to college after 4 years of primary is that possible?

you described me in many ways o!!

off to read your other posts

latishababy said...

i love only lip gloss and eye pencil
on days i am just so in need of encouragement
i crave the word of God.

i like you too

@ she
nice meeting you

@pink satin
i did it o
2 yrs of nursery sch