Friday, July 10, 2009

My heart is so full of love.

I have learnt how to live above the circumstances of life.

I don't care if anyone is a good Christian or not as long as God can trust me to take a stand and not be moved by other people judging me.

We are having a wonderful Christian program and God is saying i should stand firm. I am growing in grace and in favor. I have God's righteousness and that is the force that causes me to carry out acts. Not my innate goodness because no one was good enough to make salvation without Christ.

I am learning more things but more than that i am open to teaching that is based on the word of God. I am growing in the gifts of God and learning how to ignore the weaknesses in men and women.

I am blessed and highly favored in God's eyes and the waves of favor have only just started, i am positioned to receive more from the waves of God favor because God is good. I am moved by the Spirit of God and i hear


Tisha said...

I wish you the best
Trust God
He ways are sure
His love endures

love your blog

Anonymous said...
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latishababy said...

@ tisha